Friends For Robots by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor



In this upbeat, positive collection of SFF short stories from Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, author of So You Want to Be A Robot, you’ll find hope, humor, friendship—and of course, robots.

Have you heard the one about…
…a neural network who wants humans to drink more water?
…a person stranded on Mars with only an obsolete robotic toy?
…a cyborg caught in a time loop with a frightened ship?
…a self-aware mech who doesn’t want to be a weapon anymore?
…an AI sent into the deepest part of the ocean—and finds a god?

You’ll also meet entrepreneurial barbarians, an astronaut making first contact, a boy who might have (accidentally) started Armageddon, magical birds, a bot who wants to tell jokes, and more. Whether you’re a robot or not, come make some new friends. 🙂