Hero’s Choice by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor



Never get between a Dark Lord and his son.

* * *

Lord Mrakota adopts the boy who is prophesied to kill him and raises Hero as his own son. 

Despite the meddling of rangers, wizards, and Old Mentors, Mrakota protects and guides Hero to follow in his path as a Dark Lord. 

However, as Hero’s fifteenth birthday approaches and everything conspires to lead him to a final confrontation with Mrakota, Hero doesn’t know if he has a choice at all. 

Is he doomed to fulfill his destiny and kill his own father?

* * *

Hero’s Choice is a (sometimes darkly) humorous fantasy 15,000-word novelette parodying classic tropes of the genre while retaining lots of heart—because in the end, the family and friends we choose are always more important than fate.