Salvage (Book Two of the Peridot Shift) by R J Theodore


A crew of salvagers plot to expose the evil dealings of Peridot’s enemies, but to protect their secrets, those enemies will destroy the crew and everything and everyone they hope to save.


Peridot is headed for its second cataclysm. War has broken ancient alliances, sealed borders, and locked down the skies. The Five, Peridot’s alchemist gods, have seen one of their number die and another fall in their efforts to protect their world from invaders beyond the stars. Defeated and diminished, they have ceased to answer the prayers of their people and have left the rapidly unraveling world to fend for itself.

Talis and the orphaned crew of the lost airship Wind Sabre have a plan to set things to rights, but they’re stranded on a rock far from the heart of the conflict. When an old enemy comes and offers them a ship and a path forward, it comes with strings that will pull them further from the home they are so desperate to save.

Can Talis and her crew chart a course through hostile skies, shifting allegiances, and subverted governments before the true enemies of Peridot claim a power that can destroy the world once and for all?

Praise for The Peridot Shift series:

“Combining the best elements of steampunk and space opera, placed in a lavishly detailed and imagined world, Flotsam will hold you firmly till the final page.” — Cat Rambo

Flotsam sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go. R J Theodore is a fresh voice who will soon be on your must-read list!” — Jennifer Foehner Wells

“I can’t stop thinking about the world of Flotsam. Science-fiction, alchemy, and airships. It’s magic.” — Mary Robinette Kowal

“Take a pinch of Jim Butcher’s Aeronaut’s Windlass, add a dash of Treasure Planet, some vivid imagery from Avatar, a generous helping of banter from Firefly, and you might have an idea of the feeling this story left me with. Rich language and imagery blend with a complex world, a story told with humor and heart, that left me breathless and wrung out. I want to know what’s in store next for this crew and their already shattered world.” — Ronda

“Peridot is a fascinating, fractured world that truly comes to life on the page; it’s remarkable that Theodore manages to establish the world and its cultures and races so well straight off the bat. And as if that isn’t enough, she introduces an alien race and culture into the mix, juggling them all with aplomb.” — Alan Brenik

“The worldbuilding is incredibly epic for a newly minted author and hints at uncovering even more as this series evolves.” — Koeur

“1,000% here for the merger of scifi steampunk with fantasy. This is exactly the sort of thing someone who grew up on underappreciated masterpieces like Treasure Planet craves!” — Jenna R, NetGalley Reviewer

“Solid, swashbuckling sci-fi/fantasy set in one of the most unique and alluring world’s I’ve ever read. […] Then you add in a dash of truly alien beings, a race for treasure, floating island hopping adventure and AIRSHIPS? Sign me up. Sign yourself up. Sign your friends up. This is the Pirates of the Caribbean/Firefly crossover you didn’t know you needed.” — Britta T, NetGalley Reviewer

“You will definitely want to meet Talis and her crew if you like steampunk, science fiction, books that build fantastic worlds and magic systems, and space travel. R J Theodore transports you to the realm of Peridot flawlessly, the book drags you in and doesn’t let you go until the last page.” —Shelley B, NetGalley Reviewer