Terra Incognita by Mati Ocha



A World On the Precipice . . .

Will Grayson knew he would probably live to see the end of the world, with the way things have been going—he just didn’t think he’d live through it, let alone with an insufferable git by his side.

A System Glitch . . .

Hiking in the Peak District at the moment Earth is—accidentally—infused with magic and thrown into an indifferent and muddled system, Will returns to his Derbyshire village to find a ghost town.

No bodies.

No blood.

Only a verdant, pervasive green that has overtaken his home as if it’s had a hundred years to grow. But this new magic is alive, and it’s not alone.

Neither is Will. Accompanied only by the person he’d vote Least Likely to Team Up With in an Apocalypse and a literal baby dragon, Will searches for traces of his family and instead finds only dangling threads of clues. Tugging on those threads might lead to answers . . . or they might unravel what’s left of Earth.

Contains strong language in the face of the end of the world. You’ve been warned.

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