The Ascendent Sky by Mati Ocha



Earth has ascended…

Magic tears through an unsuspecting planet of humans, bringing mythology and monsters to life—and providing humanity a chance to prove their mettle.

The hunt is on…

Argyll is full of danger. With Eilidh loose on her own in the countryside, Calum and his friends are always one step behind on her trail. They don’t know her route, only that Lord Sackington’s people have murdered the team sent to rescue vulnerable refugees.

But Eilidh has left a trail of magical breadcrumbs—a trail only Calum can follow.

When they encounter the full horror of Sackington’s hunger for power, it’s no longer a few ragtag Scots against the wilds: it’s a band of survivors against a rising evil.

Their haven in Oban is in peril, and the beithir is back . . . and out for blood.

Contains strong language in the face of the end of the world. You’ve been warned.

Cover artist: Uzuri Art, Cover design: Novae Caelum
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