The Silent Fringe by R J Theodore


After Ehli inadvertently exiles herself to the extra-dimensional realm known as dimspace, she discovers a planet full of iscillian who are scheduled for the same life she recently escaped. Can she save more of her people from that fate without losing her ship, her freedom, or her life?


The suspenseful sequel to The Bantam is here!

An engineering failure has left Ehli stranded between the layers of reality. Her only companion is BEETL—a scarab drone programmed to terminate any iscillian who endangers the ship.

Ehli definitely qualifies.

She must repair the ship’s disabled gate drive to free them from dimspace. But once she does, will she be free to search for her homeworld, or will BEETL’s deadly protocols activate the moment she fails to set course for an impound dock? 

When Ehli inadvertently involves another iscillian in her trouble, it’s not just her own life she’s risking.

The rebellious engineer must solve both moral and technical quandaries before she destroys another crew.