Underway: The Phantom Travelogues by R J Theodore


Jayess chronicles the strange worlds visited by Harrow’s Tusk in this illustrated travelogue.


“Dimspace, a realm shrouded in mystery and promise. Our ship’s gate drive hurls us between star systems, careening between random pinpricks of light faster than light itself can travel. We journey steadily toward the region of the galaxy whence we came, one calculated leap at a time. Each waypoint system offers unique wonders, phenomena, and life to explore, observe, and chronicle.

We are seeking our own people, our culture, and our history but it is my goal that, when we reach our destination, we will have our own history to share…”

As the Harrow’s Tusk carries them across a galaxy toward a home world they’ve never seen, iscillian sisters Jayess and Sothree record the worlds they visit, through journaling and illustration. Every encounter brings them one step closer to discovering themselves and who they are meant to be.

Eleven log entries are paired with original full color illustrations.