The Truthspoken Heir: The Stars and Green Magics Season One by Novae Caelum



In the interstellar kingdom of Valoris, everyone knows the royal family is watching. They can be anyone and anywhere with their shapeshifting abilities—they are Truthspoken and to be feared. Of course, that doesn’t stop the high houses from trying to take them down by any means they can.

Arianna is the perfect Truthspoken Heir: beautiful, intelligent, and a master of her shapeshifting craft, determined to one day rule with the same control as her father. Her dreams come crashing down, though, when she’s attacked by a rogue Green Magicker at her betrothal to a rival high house prince, when it’s known that magickers can’t do violence. Was it treachery, was it personal, or was it something else? Arianna has been slowly getting ill for weeks, and Truthspoken don’t get sick.

Dressa is the second Truthspoken heir and would like to stay that way, thank you very much. She’s the glittering socialite of her father’s court, more loved than feared. But when her older sister falls ill and is secretly sent away from court, there’s still the matter of a much needed marriage alliance with a rival high house—and an absolutely gorgeous prince, who her sister wasn’t keen on marrying anyway. When her father orders her to take her sister’s place—her name, her appearance, everything—can Dressa carry on the act without falling for her sister’s intended bride?

Paranoia around Green Magickers is growing, a mysterious illness is spreading across the worlds, and in deep space, the only aliens humans have met are showing signs of not being pacifists after all. Are these events coincidence, or something more? And how will the Truthspoken hold their kingdom against the coming storm when it’s already crumbling from within?

The Truthspoken Heir is the first season of The Stars and Green Magics, an epic space fantasy serial set in a diverse, queernorm universe with shapeshifting royals, plotting nobles, and space magic! The Truthspoken Heir collects episodes 1-36, the complete first season, as well as three extra beginning episodes.

This book has main characters who are queer, nonbinary, trans, agender, genderfluid, ace and/or aro, lesbian, fat, POC, disabled, ND, and generally awesome. (Not all rep is stated, some is implied.) Barring the occasional burst of strong language, this book is PG-13.

Available in ebook, paperback, serial, and digitally narrated audiobook!

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