The Stars and Green Magics by Novae Caelum


Two shapeshifting heirs, one interstellar kingdom. When royals can be anyone else including each other, who will rule?

Arianna can impersonate anyone in her star kingdom, keeping nobles in check as the Truthspoken Heir. But Arianna’s shapeshifting powers fail her when she’s attacked at her betrothal to a rival prince, her title torn away.

Dressa never wanted to be the Heir, but she has a crush on the beautiful prince, and someone needs to hold the kingdom against plotting nobles.

One sibling cast out, one sister in the fray, and enemies all around. Can they steer their kingdom from the coming storm?

Fans of Ancillary Justice and Winter’s Orbit will enjoy The Stars and Green Magics, an ongoing space opera serial with diverse main characters, epic worldbuilding, and strong romantic undertones.

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The Truthspoken Heir: The Stars and Green Magics Season One