A Starbound Solstice by Juliet Kemp



A festive space queer romance that will melt your heart and warm your exosuit.

Linn and xyr crew are halfway through their long journey from Earth to Cetalla; what better time to celebrate a solstice? Bid farewell to Sol and hello to a new homestar. Traditions around mistletoe—not to mention Linn’s totally non-existent crush on xyr crewmate Taye—have nothing to do with it.

Explaining paperchains to xyr alien crewmate and plotting present-giving keeps Linn busy enough, but then something goes wrong with Heron, the ship’s AI.

Tracing the cause to a giant hullbreach onto needlespace, Linn and Taye have no idea what to do about it, or the stranger who came through it.

Can they save their ship and get to their new home before the pressures of needlespace damage Heron beyond repair? And is Linn ever going to get that kiss under the mistletoe?